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Empower others to react, not regret.

If you suspect a loved one may be having a stroke or you realize that something about them suddenly seems off, this is the time to react.

Remember, calling 911 is the right thing to do, even if you are wrong. Calling 911 and getting EMS care could have a lasting impact on a loved one.

Let your friends and family know that:

Urgency is key

Hesitation and fear cost time. As soon as you notice potential signs of stroke, call 911.

Know the symptoms

Stroke is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Signs and symptoms can be subtle and easily missed. If something seems wrong, it’s vital to react.

Spread the word

More people in the US have strokes than heart attacks. Everyone should know how to identify signs of stroke.


Stroke Awareness Resources

Download the materials below and email them to your friends and family. Share the PNG image on your favorite social media site. Print and post the PDF poster to your local community board. You can make a huge difference in helping to spread the word!

BE FAST Poster Handout

Sudden Symptoms of Stroke Poster downloadable resource


Stroke Patient Brochure

Patient Brochure downloadable resource


Stroke Education Presentation

Stroke Education Presentation downloadable Resource

Do you know when and how to react?

Stroke symptoms

Stroke can be sudden, easy to miss.

Stroke Can Happen to Anyone

Stroke symptoms

Helpful information and education about stroke.

Learn common symptoms of stroke.
Trust your instincts and take action.
Your quick action can have a lasting impact.