Empower everyone to act without hesitation

Help spread the word! Tell your loved ones that it’s OK to overreact to stroke. Share this information and help them to make a difference.

Let your friends and family know that:

Urgency is key

Hesitation and fear cost time. The sooner you notice the signs of stroke and call 911, the better the chance for treatment and recovery.

Action can make a difference

Know the 10 signs of stroke. Overreact. Stroke is serious. Suspicion is enough to take action.

They should pass it forward

More people in the US have strokes than heart attacks. Everyone should know how to identify the signs of stroke.

Stroke Awareness Resources

Download the materials below and email them to your friends and family. Share the PNG image on your favorite social media site. Print and post the PDF poster to your local community board. You can make a huge difference in helping to spread the word—it might just save a life!

10 Signs and Symptoms of Stroke Handout


Stroke Education Presentation


Know When to Act Poster


Stroke Patient Brochure

Do you know when to act?

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Learn to recognize the signs of stroke.

Get Stroke Facts

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Are you or a loved one at risk for stroke?